Twin Cities
Craft Beer & Cocktail Club

What a membership gets you

Our members get a complimentary drink at nearly 50 awesome places in the Twin Cities.

Level Price  
Beer Belly $25 Select
Booze Belly $55 Select
Best Belly $75 Select

Buying for a friend?

2017 season runs through December 31, 2017. Drink partners subject to change.


Limited Edition

Shirts designed by our local artist collaborative.

Beer belly heart image

Beer Lovers

Crafted for enthusiasts of the constructive beer movement, who may or may not sport an actual beer belly.

Booze belly heart image

Cocktail Lovers

Designed for fancy cocktail lovers and beer-o-phobes. Neat, on the rocks, up, dirty—it’s all here.

Best belly heart image

Best of Both

Combines the benefits of both memberships for people who want the best of both worlds—true craft aficionados.

How to redeem


Choose a membership and join the club. 25 free craft beers, 25 free craft cocktails or both.


Imbibe and explore the Twin Cities through all our venue partners.


No app to download, just login and easily redeem for your free beers or cocktails on your mobile phone.

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